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Wishland Fish - Fun & Educational Set

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External Dimensions 3.6" x 3.6" x 4"

ECHO WishLand is an incredible product that is truly amazing. Simply put the breed soil into water and you will have your own live fish. They're educational and fun for the whole family. Perfect for home school or in classroom teacher projects.

The type of fish will grow is commonly called Killifish. It is a type of rare and high-grade ornamental fish, which originates from several places around the world. It can be sold at high price per fish, in the market today, and the price can be even higher for some rare species of killifish. Each breeding soil contains as many as 12 eggs per bag.

Have you ever experienced an unimaginable moment when you see a small baby fish jumps out from its fish roe (fish eggs)? You will feel great gratification when you see these baby fish become gorgeous ornamental fish. You can even breed Killifish yourself!

Package include:
Breeding soil with 12 killifish eggs
2 Clear containers
Sea salt
Brine shrimp eggs
Small spoon
Clear straw
Instruction manual
Filter paper

The origin of Killifish fish

A killifish is any of various tiny, oviparous (egg-laying) cyprinodont form fish (including families Aplocheilidae, Cyprinodontidae, Fundulidae, Profundulidae, Rivulidae and Valenciidae). All in all there are some 1270 different species of killifish, the biggest family being Rivulidae, containing more than 320 species. Although killifish is sometimes used as an English equivalent to Cyprinodontidae, some species belonging to that family have their own common names, such as the pupfish and the mummichog. The name killifish is derived from the Dutch word "kilde", meaning small creek, puddle. Most killies are small fish, one to two inches (2.5 to 5 cm). The largest is under six inches (15 cm), but only a few species are this large. Striped killifish tend to live from a range of 10 months to a year and a half. Killifish provide food for wading birds, aerial birds and some ducks. Fishers also use them as bait while fishing and other recreational fishing games.

FAQ Section:

1.  How big do my
Killifish get?
Killifish range in size from 2-3 inches

2.  How many Killifish will hatch out?
You will get average of 6 to 8 killifish but don't be surprised if you get as many as 12.

3.  What do I feed my Killifish?
The first food should be the baby brine shrimp (Sea Monkey) which you hatch from a small zip bag.  When your Killifish get larger (about 1/2 inch or 2 months old) you can start feeding them more variety.  Frozen fish foods like brine shrimp, glass worms and bloodworm.  The best for them is live brine shrimp.  You can find live brine shrimp from your local fish stores.

4.  Where are my Killifish originally from?
A family of fish know as Killifish.  They are found in several countries.  The Killifish you have are found on the continent of Africa.  In nature they are found in freshwater temporary pools, brooks and swamps. 

5.  How long do my Killifish live?
Killifish are considered annuals but if the are well taken care of they can live 2 years or more.

6.  Can my Killifish be kept in a fish tank with other fish?
Yes, when your Killifish is large enough they can be kept with other tropical freshwater fish.  Check with your local fish store for compatibility.

7.  How big of a bowl or tank do I need for my Killifish?
Depending on how many Killifish you are keeping together and how often you want to change some water, you can go as small as a 1/2 gallon bowl up to a regular fish tank with filter.  In a bowl with no filtration you should change a quarter of the water every other day so that you don't get a build up of waste.

8.  I'm having trouble with my brine shrimp( sea monkeys) hatching is there anything I can do to get more to hatch?
Try changing the temperature.  Shine a light on them for 12 hours a day.  Change salinity (add more salt or less)  Don't try to hatch too many eggs.  With brine shrimp (sea monkeys) little is better than more. 

9. I'm having trouble hatching enough brine shrimp (sea monkeys) to feed my baby Killifish, is there something else I can try to feed my baby Killifish?
Yes, frozen baby brine shrimp (make sure it is baby not regular brine shrimp), you should be able to find it at your local tropical fish store.

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